Everything changes 17 Oct 2018.

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Sharing up to 30 grams of marijuana, or equivalent, with other adults will be legal 17 October 2018.

Unfortunately many Canadians will not be able to grow their 4 plants at time for various reasons (Municipal restrictions, small apartment, lack of skill, etc). ShareYour4.com will allow growers/sharers to connect with those in need while holding participants to account.

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One (1) gram of dried cannabis is equivalent to:

5 g of fresh cannabis,
15 g of edible product,
70 g of liquid product,
0.25 g of concentrates (solid or liquid), or
1 cannabis plant seed.

Free Stuff Starting 17 October 2018

1,000 Grams dried marijuana.

Courtesy of Morris-Turnberry and North Huron Marijuana Growers.

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